Picking the Right Trail Shoe

Saucony Peregrine Saucony Peregrine[/caption]Saucony Peregrine – These are great if you are looking for an extremely lightweight trail shoe.  With a minimal feel and a decoupled rock plate on the bottom of the shoe, the Peregrine is one of the lightest and most flexible trail shoes we have to offer.  The reinforced upper and toe plate make this shoe not only lightweight, but durable and tough, protecting your feet through all kinds of terrain.

unnamed Mizuno Wave KazanMizuno Wave Kazan – The Kazan offers an even lighter feel than the Peregrine.  Mizuno typically designs their shoes to “fit like a glove,” and the Kazan is no exception.  With a comfortable, yet tough, upper and plenty of tread, the Kazan offers a comfortable trail experience and keeps your feet safe from the harshness of the trail.

gt2003trail Asics GT-2000 3 Trail
Asics GT-2000 (3) Trail – This shoe is true to any Asics shoe.  With as much cushion and support as the popular GT-2000 (3) road shoe, this trail version makes for a very comfortable ride.  The tread and reinforced upper makes this a solid choice when taking on most hikes, perfect for those who want just a little more support than the Peregrine or Kazan have to offer.

Brooks Cascadia Brooks Cascadia
Brooks Cascadia – The Brooks Cascadia is currently the most popular trail shoe on the market, and for a good reason.  This shoe is good for pretty much any terrain you can imagine.  It’s not quite as light as our other trail shoes, but the cushion and durability of the shoe make it a perfect choice no matter what terrain you’re trekking.  A unique alternating tread pattern gives the Cascadia an incredible amount of traction, but keeps the shoe at a low profile, perfect for rocky and smooth terrain alike.

AdrenalineASR Brooks Adrenaline ASR 11
Brooks Adrenaline ASR 11 – The Adrenaline GTS is Brooks’ top selling road shoe; the ASR version is essentially the same as the GTS, but with more tread and a more reinforced upper.  The shoe has enough cushion and pronation support to make the Adrenaline ASR an extremely supportive and comfortable trail shoe.

Inov8Roclite Inov-8 Roclite
Inov-8 Roclite– Inov-8 makes some of the best trail shoes around.  The Roclite 295 has a very low profile and holds the foot well, giving this shoe a natural feel. The shoe is also well ventilated, avoiding the heat that most trail shoes can generate by having a reinforced upper.

20150622_140037 Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX
Inov-8 Roclite 286 GTX – The Roclite 286 GTX is for the hiker who wants a little more support and protection.  Unlike the other shoes mentioned before, this trail shoe is a boot and offers a great amount of ankle support. The boot is made out of Gore-Tex fabric, which is waterproof, lightweight, and flexible.  This is a great option for any terrain, and sure to endure any type of hike.

All of these shoes are great options for just about any hike.  Some are more specialized than others, but all should provide enough support to blaze the trails of San Luis Obispo.  Come in to GH Sports and we can help you get in the best shoe for your needs!

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