The GH Sports Move – Meathead Movers Help Make It Happen (Day 1)

144-Hind The time was here! Time for our staff to prepare to move our retail store, manufacturing facility, and corporate offices from 144 Hind Lane to what was originally our Hind Performance headquarters at 3765 S. Higuera. Just a few doors up!

IMG_3414 Meathead Movers (professional, clean cut and strong Cal Poly Students) arrived on site for Day 1 of our move.[/caption]

IMG_3406 As you can tell from all of the boxes, we had plenty prepared for the Meatheads to move. The focus for Day 1 was to move our corporate offices and manufacturing equipment.  These guys did not waste anytime, carrying as much as they could carry and jogging when their hands were empty.

IMG_3411 Here they gently carried in one of our ten very special sewing machines that our seamstresses use to create all of our run, cycle, swim and fitness wear.

IMG_3419 It may look light, but this was one heavy table. It made a safe arrival in our corporate offices upstairs.

IMG_3417 We arrived onsite at our new location to receive this sweet surprise! Our neighbors and friends at Spokes ( hand delivered these warm and sweet cinnamon rolls to welcome us in. We would need the energy because the next few days would include more boxing, organizing, and planning for our final move day on Sunday, March 15, 2014.

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