A Friend Who Inspires Us & Helped Launch The Original HIND Sport Tight – Colleen Cannon

colleen_cannonThe Founder of Women’s Quest, Colleen Cannon, is an inspirational former professional triathlete who worked with our founder Greg Hind to launch the original Sport Tight and to pioneer the first ever women’s athletic apparel line. Colleen is a dear friend of ours and was gracious enough to speak with our staff and share her experience with the launch of the Sport Tight in the 1980’s.

This is her story; one that we treasure.

QUESTION: What is your connection to GH Sports and the original Sport Tight?
beauty Colleen Cannon running in the original Sport Tight alongside her horse.

“I was connected to the Sport Tight from the very beginning, in the very early 80’s. I somehow received a box of tights from Greg. I think it was because I was really into the HIND Compy Goggles and I got in touch with Greg because I needed another pair. He said, ‘Why don’t you try these new tights? I’ll send you some for you and your athlete friends.’ I was shocked when he sent me a box of close to 30 sport tights.

“Shortly after, I traveled to participate in the United States Triathlon Series Race in Atlanta, which I think I won. Our group of professional triathletes would always go dancing after the triathlons. There was a place called the Dancing Lime Light in Atlanta where we wanted to go. When we walked up in our jeans, they said we couldn’t be admitted because we didn’t have the right clothing. I took everybody back to our hotel, had them put on a pair of these HIND Sport Tights, and we got in! As a result, there were 20 pairs of multi-colored tights covering the dance floor.

“Everybody went home that night with their own pair of HIND Sport Tights and started wearing them to warm up and warm down for training. At that point I was like ‘forget the goggles, these are the best tights.’ From then on, I was a Greg Hind fan.

“These were some really fun tights. We didn’t wear tights back then. We had ‘bun huggers’ that we actually raced in and big gym pants (big, bulky cotton sweats) that we would wear because that’s all there was. Wearing his tights made you feel free. They were fun and great for running and for anything afterwards.”

slide6 copy Colleen Cannon having fun in one of the very bright and very original HIND Sport Tights – a description that fits her personality quite well!

QUESTION: 2015 marked the Sport Tight’s 35 year anniversary, which we celebrated with the launch of our new Women’s G3 Sport Tight. What do you think of the new G3?

“I wore it during yoga and it stayed in place, allowing me to do everything I needed to do. Because it’s a thinner and stretchier fabric (different fabric from the original I would wear during snow activities like running with my horse – as shown in the picture above!), it’s a much snugger fit and allows for body movement without the tights moving around annoyingly.”

Connect with Colleen:
On her website: www.womensquest.com
On Facebook: Women’s Quest Adventures
On Instagram: @WomensQuest

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