Triathlon Preparation Tips & Tricks

Being prepared on race day will help you feel a lot more relaxed so that you can put all of your hard training to work. You can also download this printer-friendly version of the Triathlon Tips & Tricks to use as an easy check off list.

Before Race Day

  • Know the course you are racing and pre-ride it if allowed.
  • Eat familiar foods and sleep adequately. Do this for a few days prior to racing.
  • Hydrate properly days leading up to the race, and make sure your body is stocked up on electrolytes.
  • Practice going through transitions from swim to bike and bike to run.
  • Write your name inside your wetsuit so it doesn’t get swapped by accident with somebody else’s suit.
  • Wetsuit should be tight-fitting but still allow breathing and stretch without much restriction. Looser wetsuits equate to more drag.
  • Practice your training with the gear you will use for race day, including wetsuit, race suit, shoes, etc.
  • Prepare a special needs bag for the bike and run (if it applies to your race)
  • Prepare water bottles and all of your nutrition in advance of race day.

Race Morning

  • Show up early to give adequate time to prepare. You don’t want to be scrambling around minutes before the race starts.
  • Eat a familiar, quality pre-race breakfast. Fats and proteins are known to cause more GI distress but you know your body best and you know what it can handle.
  • Neatly arrange your transition area how you practiced to ensure the fastest transition time.
  • Properly warm-up and stretch before the race. This means getting into the water early in your wetsuit as well!
  • Consider a second swim cap to add warmth for colder swims, or a neoprene cap to be used under your provided latex cap.
  • Anti-chafing products are awesome. When in doubt, apply it!  Think under wetsuits, between legs, on and around armpits, etc.
  • Make sure that your bike is in race-ready condition: proper air in tires, lubed chains, etc.

Race Day

  • Don’t try anything new on race day. Stick to what is familiar and what you trained with.
  • Start your swim order based on ability – faster in front; slower in back. You don’t want to be swam over or have to swim over others.
  • Putting your goggle straps under the swim cap can help your goggles stay on when you are in a frenzied swim start.
  • Remember to drink before you feel thirsty and eat before you feel hungry. The bike can be the easiest and most convenient leg for increased calorie intake.
  • Pace yourself on the bike so you can compete on the run.  Remember your training and what should be executed.
  • Race belts to display your number can be more comfortable and easier than safety pins!
  • Anti-chafing products can help wetsuits slip on easier and also prevent chafing in other parts of the body
  • Enjoy the day, be relaxed, and have fun!

Our staff is always available to help with triathlon preparation as well. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-877-428-9447.

~The GH Sports Team

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