Vortex: A New Women’s Tri Short

It’s triathlon season. It’s time to see how those long hours of training will pay off. While there is a lot that goes into preparing for a triathlon, one of the important things you can do for yourself is to make sure you have the right tri gear for racing.

With this in mind, our design team has launched a newly designed triathlon short for women:  The Women’s Vortex Tri Short with matching tri tops.

Our designers team added a ton of new features to this New Women’s Tri Short without sacrificing the reliable qualities of our traditional 6-panel triathlon short.

What’s New?

A Tailored Fit.  The Vortex short is spliced at just the right curve so that it is perfectly form fitting with unique mobility, moving with you as if it was tailored fit just for you.  The splice is made of a Lycra-based fabric, which stretches and forms to the shape of your leg.

A Comfort-Flex Waistband.  Its 4″ thick waistband makes for a more universal fit, offering the utmost comfort for all body types.  Just like the spliced curves, the thick waistband also allows for a more comfortable fit.

A Secret Pocket. A small pocket on the back of the waistband allows you to store and easily access nutrition supplements you might want to stash away when transitioning from swim to bike or bike to run.

A Vortex of Colors.  The new spliced curve not only allowed for an optimal fit, but it gave our designers the opportunity to add color. While we tend to stick to traditional tones in our GH fitness line, the design of this short called for highlights of  vibrant turquoise, pink, and purple running down the sides and across the back, meeting at either side of the black pocket.

What’s T

For our loyal customers who love the traditional 6-panel GH Women’s Tri Short, don’t worry…While we have made some pretty significant updates from our traditional design, the most popular features from our traditional tri short have carried through to the Vortex.

Hand-Sewn Padding:   We haven’t adjusted the padding at all, so just like our last shorts, the new women’s Vortex tri shorts have fast-drying cushioning with just the right amount of padding for all legs of the race.IMG_0796

Comfortable Leg Grippers: Our unique leg grippers at the bottom of each leg keep these shorts from moving about.

Performance Fabric:  Aside from the new Lycra curve on the spliced sides, the fabric on this short stays true to our 86% polyester/ 14% spandex blend that has worked so well in the past.  The shorts are durable and quick drying; perfect for transitioning from water to land.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a comfortable, functional tri short that looks and feels great, look no further!  At GH Sports, we manufacture GH tri shorts and GH tri tops locally in our San Luis Obispo retail store and manufacturing facility, making them with the highest quality and offering them at reasonable prices. Whether its for your first tri or a replacement for your upcoming season, these shorts will quickly become your favorite.

Live near the Central Coast? Stop in and our staff can help fit you in the right pair to get you through your triathlon season.

Can’t make it in? Shop online and feel free to contact us with questions – we’re always here to help.

Good luck with your season!

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