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_E3S1673.jpgGH Sports has manufactured water polo suits for over 30 years with durability, longevity and comfort in mind. In addition to selling direct to individual water players, we provide water polo team suits to competitive high school water polo teams, nationally-ranked collegiate _E3S1639.jpgwater polo teams, and master level water polo teams.

“I am on the Cal Poly Women’s Polo Team and I used this suit for the better part of our past 5 month season. Not only was it one of the longest lasting suit I have worn since I started playing 14 years ago but it is also by far the most comfortable. The thick fabric makes it tough to grab and rip even if you are not sizing way down. I highly recommend this suit to any ladies who play the sport.”  – Leah

The GH WP-Endur Water Polo suits are designed to provide you with the durability, support and comfort needed during water polo matches and practices. Both the men’s water polo suit and women’s water polo suit are made from a thick single layer WP-Endur fabric that is a blend of 93% polyester (that helps the suit withstand countless uses in chlorinated water) and 7% spandex (that allows the suit to be form fitting and flexible for a perfect fit).

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.29.50 PM nationally-ranked Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo Team wearing GH Sports WP-Endur Water Polo Suits

WOMEN’S DESIGN – more details here
The women’s suit has cover stitching around the seams to ensure flexibility, comfort and performance. Its flat seams down the sides of the body and at the bottom of the suit reduce chaffing and irritation. The suit’s back zipper closure provides a snug fit.

MEN’S DESIGN – more details here
The men’s cover stitch and drawstring waist allows for both a comfortable fit during practices and tight fit during games. Its single flat seam stitch at the bottom of the suit reduces chance of irritation and movement. It’s designed with a low rear cut.


The teams that place bulk orders of our suits receive a special team discount.


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.18.03 PM

Great for competition and practice suits, the GH Water Polo suits are customizable with team logos or designs.

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