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4 Tips for a Happy and Healthy 4th of July!

Fitness is a journey! To keep your fitness routine consistent, make it simple. Try to create a habit when you get a quick 10 minutes each day. Here are a few “Do Anywhere Workout Moves” with no equipment required.-Plank (side and regular): All-around toner and strength trainer great for glutes, break parallel for a more intense version… Read more »

Give A Little – Get a Lot. The Proper Care & Wear of Your Water Polo Suit

When you give your water polo suit a little love and care, you can bet it will give back to you tenfold. Here are our suggestions for giving a little love to your water polo suit. RINSE IT: Always rinse your suit with cold fresh water after each use then gently squeeze out excess water… Read more »

5th Annual May 1st Bike Breakfast

Since 2014 GH Sports has hosted the May 1st Bike Breakfast in honor of Bike Month and SLO Shift. Once again, bike on by and join us at GH Sports on Tuesday May 1st for a Bike Breakfast and games to kick off 2018 Bike Month in San Luis Obispo County! Eat and join in… Read more »

Shin Splints – Common Causes & Prevention

Running, while being one of the healthiest human activities, is also pretty tough on the body. Both elite athletes and casual joggers can suffer from the same stress and fatigue-related injuries running can cause. Understanding the causes and treatments for these injuries is vital to keeping your shoes laced up. One of the most notorious… Read more »

2018 May Day Bike Breakfast & Coloring Contest at GH Sports!

Bike on by and join us at GH Sports for our 5th Annual May Day Bike Breakfast on Tuesday, May 1st to kick off 2018 Bike Month in San Luis Obispo County! Coloring Contest for A $25 GH Gift Card: click to download – TO ENTER Download (or pick up a hard copy at GH… Read more »

MTS – Leave it on the Course

Year after year, the March Triathlon Series (MTS) sets the standard for what a triathlon should be – fun, scenic, supportive, and energetic. But besides the award winning supporting cast of reasons to do MTS, the hallmark of the race is the course itself. First off, it’s never fun to feel the clock ticking away… Read more »

1st Annual California Warrior Experience

Are you a #CaliforniaWarrior? A #CaliforniaWarrior is someone who has passion for a cause, who inspires others, and someone who overcomes a challenge to accomplish something. The California Military Department wants to recognize individuals who find their inner warrior and help keep California at its best. The inaugural Warrior Trail Run Adventure and Warrior Festival… Read more »

GH Athlete: Triathlete Kevin Jervis

In just 3 years training and competing as a triathlete, Kevin Jervis has managed to place 8th at Collegiate Nationals in 2017, become the first Back-to-Back Winner of the Cal Berkeley Triathlon for his 2016 and 2017 wins, and aims to win both the sprint and olympic distance National races in this year’s 2018 tri… Read more »

A Munich Milestone – Continuing 30 Years of Tradition

GH Women's Munich Light Pant V2

It was spring of ’88 when our company (known as HIND Performance at that time) introduced the first-ever “loose fitting tight” to the fitness industry, calling it The Munich Tight.  It was one of its kind, an industry-changer, and it was manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA where we design and manufacture our Munichs today…. Read more »

Our Fave Muffins (made with wheat germ – ssssshhhhh)

Thanks to the Connelly Family for sharing these muffins and their amazing recipe with our GH Staff! As an avid athlete and food fanatic, I need as much daily fuel as I can get. Just like everyone, I crave those sugary, tasty treats that are easy to make and even better to eat. On the… Read more »