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Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes with Cinnamon (and fresh ground flax seeds)

One of our longtime customers, Neil, recently shared this healthy, yet yummy, banana pancake recipe with us. An avid cyclist, Neil says these make a fantastic portable, healthy snack (he excludes the brown sugar). He freezes a batch at a time, takes a few out before his rides, spreads peanut or almond butter in between two of them, cuts… Read more »

Imagination is inspiring

Kelly McKnight, long time friend of Greg and Jane Hind and fellow equestrian-advocate, receives accolades for his riding talent and creative thinking as featured in Horse & Style Magazine article shown below. Congratulations Kelly! Your imagination is inspiring to us all. A Different Kind of Halter Horse: Zan Chin & Kelly McKnight By Erin Gilmore |… Read more »

Dedication, hunger, and fun – a combination for success?

Dedication, hunger, and fun – a combination for success? This story about a small town tradition may prove so, or at least proves how community, tradition, and competition create a recipe for lasting memories and lots of laughter. Stockton Tavern Owner Uses Ancient Secret By DAN HRUBY, Mercury Sports Writer – originally published in 1967 ANGELS CAMP (1967)-… Read more »

A Customer’s Story – Rich Mondoux

Rich Mondoux – has run the equivalent of twice around the equator Kitchener, Ontario Canada In 1974, I was 70 lbs overweight and a heavy smoker.  I joined the YMCA and began a running program, which I continue to do today.   When I joined the YMCA it took four months to run my first non-stop… Read more »

EPIC Indeed


Let’s acknowledge the naturally raised, grass-fed elephant in the room: EPIC Bars. Moist, meaty, and maybe appearing a bit eery at first glance – it’s what’s on the inside (and where they’re made – Texas) that counts. Bison Bacon Cranberry Turkey Almond Cranberry Beef Habanero Cherry Lamb Currant Mint The basis for Taylor & Katie (Founders &… Read more »

Tour de Donut 2014

The great thing about living in San Luis Obispo is the amazing sense of community because of all the public events that go on. The SLO Marathon, farmer’s market and bike month are just a few that come to mind right off the bat. Fortunately for me (and two of my co-workers), I was able… Read more »

Wet Your Whistle

Klean Kanteen 27oz Stainless Steel Bottle

Hydration is a vital part of being healthy, especially for physically active people; nobody argues with that. HOWEVER, unless we’re feeling extremely parched or fighting through 100 degree weather, drinking water is rarely as much of a priority as we know it should be.   FACTS: Our body is about 60% water. 75% of our muscles are water. A… Read more »

BIKE TO WORK DAY! May 16th, 2014!

Friday, May 16, 2014; 7am – 9am | BIKE TO WORK BREAKFAST GH Sports | 3765 S. Higuera, Suite 100, San Luis Obispo | 805.541.6019 Bike to work day is coming upon us!  Grab your favorite two-wheeled steed and hop on the saddle!  We are partnering with our neighbors, RRM Design Group, in order to provide cyclists… Read more »

Join Us!! May 1st Bike Breakfast Picnic @ GH Sports

Thursday, May 1, 2014; 7am – 9am | MAY DAY BIKE BREAKFAST PICNIC GH Sports | 3765 S. Higuera, Suite 100, San Luis Obispo | 805.541.6019 Time to hop on your bike and join GH Sports  as we partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to celebrate the first day of the 2014 SLO Bike Month (thanks to SLO Regional Rideshare!). Fuel Up with… Read more »


I have become a master at the art of excuse-making. For years I’ve been fine tuning my repertoire of “I’m out of shapes,” perfecting “My knee’s been acting up,” and polishing “If I have time” whenever I’m confronted with doing a race. Recently, however, through some unprovoked change of heart, I’ve retired from my old… Read more »