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25th Anniversary Celebration

1989: Gregory William Hind was named the California and U.S. Region IX Small Business and Businessperson of the Year. It was 25 years ago, in 1989, that the U.S. Small Business Administration awarded our founder, leader, and mentor Gregory William Hind, the California and U.S. Region IX Small Business and Businessperson of the Year. Greg’s vision… Read more »

History of the Compy Swim Goggle developed in the 70’s

GH Sports Founder, Greg Hind, was awarded the patent for the Compy Goggle in 1975 (COMPY GOGGLE, US Patent No. D 237757) for a fourteen year term.  An “injection molded goggle,” it the largest selling product in HIND Performance’s accessory line and became known internationally for its unique patented design features. It was described as a low profile, distortion-free goggle that provided a crisp, clear view.  It… Read more »

A Customer’s Story – L’shele Hamilton

L’shele Hamilton has began running once again! Fairhope, Alabama L’shele with her baby girl, Lola, who accompanies L’shele on some of her runs, especially the ones by the bay. “I currently live in Fairhope, Alabama and enjoy running, biking (especially spin class), walking and group fitness classes. My history with GH Sports begins back in the 90’s… Read more »

Don’t be afraid of the dark: 3 tips to keep you riding into the night

by Kurt Sjoberg, GH Team Member & Cal Poly Student I think I can safely say I am not alone in enjoying the extra hour of sleep we get when daylight savings ends. But I think I am also not alone in saying the sun setting at 5pm is kind of a drag. Having to commute… Read more »

Life Health Suggestions

This article was written by a longtime friend and loyal customer of GH, Jackie Kreitzer. Jackie is an internationally accomplished opera singer and voice professor at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.  Ms. Kreitzer strikes a healthy pose This is a basic guide. I am NOT a health care professional, but over all my years… Read more »

People not with standing

By Dan Hruby, Executive Sports Editor, San Jose Mercury News, March 4, 1979 Winston Churchill . . . Stood tall AMERICANS are soft and getting softer. The wildly intensifying craze of running is proof of it. In truth, it is contributing to it. Once again, people are taking the easy way out. If this country… Read more »

Are You Wearing the Wrong Running Shoes?

To know how to select them – and head off injuries – it’s necessary to analyze your running style. By Tiffany Dias, The Tribune, August 11, 2005 GH Founder, Greg Hind, showing his playful side as he posed for Tribune photographer Jayson Mellom in 2005. When it comes to running, wearing the wrong shoes for… Read more »

California Law takes effect requiring drivers to stay 3 feet from cyclists

GH Women's 8 Panel Cycle Short

ARTICLE BY ANNMARIE CORNEJO, THE TRIBUNE [email protected] |  September 15, 2014 California Law takes effect requiring drivers to stay 3 feet from cyclists Starting Tuesday [September 16, 2014], motorists can be fined for passing a cyclist too closely. The new California law, called the Three Feet for Safety Act, requires drivers to keep a distance… Read more »

2nd Annual Blowout Sale & Bone Marrow Registry – Saturday, September 13th 2014

Come into GH Sports on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 9am to 6pm for the 2nd Annual Blowout Sale (where everything in the store will be 25% – 80% OFF!!) and Bone Marrow Registry Drive (it just takes a simple mouth swab and 5 minutes of time). GET 25-80% OFF EVERYTHING AT GH SPORTS Everything at… Read more »

Healing Through Exercise – Kay Heaton Inspires Many to Keep Moving

 In a quaint neighborhood just outside of downtown San Luis Obispo, California, Aqua Therapist Kay Heaton is improving lives in her aqua therapy pool. Using her 40 years of education, expertise, and real-life experience in kinesiology, aqua integration, and water dance, Kay operates the only training center in the world to offer gyrokinesis in the water. At her renowned aquatic therapy… Read more »