HINDsight: No Detail is Too Small

November’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired

Previously HIND Performance, GH Sports was founded by Greg Hind who focused on innovation always – no detail was too small. These not-too-small details laid the foundation for what became an international brand at the forefront of performance apparel and later served as the foundation for the creation of GH Sports.

From HIND’s Make It Happen Slogan and Innovative Fabrics to their Dynamic Layering System and The Sportop Sports Bra Patent, in this article we lay out these details – because they are anything but too small.


HIND “Make It Happen” Slogan

As emphasized in the introduction of HIND’s 1995 catalog, “IF ACTIONS REALLY DO… speak louder than words, then the fall 1995 collection is a roaring testimony to HIND’s dominance of the technical athletic performance field. While most suppliers are just beginning to use a  few me-too microfiber products, HIND leaps ahead…”

They continue to share, “Add to this a collection of apparel with what we call engineered segmentation…these garments are designed to give you maximum comfort and performance by using specific fabrics to meet the thermal and moisture needs of specific body areas.

These and many more developments flow from our commitment to give maximum protection, performance and comfort for any aerobic activity in any climate condition.”

They end with, “At HIND we don’t just claim to have leading edge technology. We make it happen.


Fabric Innovations 

HIND’s vigorous product testing and desire to serve athletes in a variety of conditions led to a wide range of fabric innovations that could weather temperatures from -5 degrees to 75+ degrees as demonstrated in the marketing material at left.


HIND Dynamic Layering System

As the technical innovator in athletic apparel, HIND developed the most advanced layering system available at the time. Years of fabric research and design development yielded this functional layering system flexible enough to work successfully in environments ranging from the Alaskan Iditarod Dog Sled Race to the Death Valley Badwater 146 Endurance Run.

From the “Hind Layering System” marketing card at left:

Layer 1: The most important layer in keeping you warm and comfortable; Transports moisture away from the skin.

Layer 2: The insulation layer. In certain conditions this layer also served as outer layer. Provides insulation and transports moisture.

Layer 3: The proper outer shell layer can substantially increase warmth and comfort. Protects from wind, rain, or snow.



The Support Top Sports Bra – Patented in 1989

In 1989, HIND developed and patented the first ever Women’s Support Top Sports Bra, which became a part of HIND’s “For Women Only” line developed in 1990.

GH Water Polo Ear Guard – Patented in 1966

Highlighted in this January 2020 HINDsight Article

Compy Swim Goggle – Patented in 1975

Highlighted in this August 2020 HINDsight Article

Lap display – Patented in 1975

Highlighted in this June 2020 HINDsight Article

Cycling Short – Patented in 1995

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GH Sports is Formerly HIND Performance and is proud to continue the tradition of manufacturing high-quality run, cycle, swim and fitness apparel in San Luis Obispo, California.

GH Sport’s history can be explored here.

If you have a HIND or GH Sports story to share, we would love to hear from you.


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