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HINDsight: Development of The Sport Tight – a point in history that changed everything

February’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired. “It was in the early 1980’s when Greg Hind decided to come up with a men’s sport tight. It was a point in history that changed everything. At that time there was actually… Read more »

“The Sporting Life” by January Harris, Cal Poly Today – Fall 1989

In 2020, we have a monthly “HINDsight 2020” focus where we take a moment each month to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired. As we reflected on our founder’s creation of the first-ever sport tight [see also: First Ever Sport Tight ], we enjoyed reading how Cal Poly author shared Greg Hind… Read more »

HINDsight: G-H Water Polo Ear Guard Development and PATENT

January’s “HINDsight 2020” – a monthly share where we take a moment to reflect on our history to celebrate and be inspired. G-H Water Polo Ear Guard Development and PATENT Our founder, Greg Hind (a Pan-Am Gold Medalist, Three time All American Water Polo player for San Jose State and 2-time U.S. Olympic Trials Water… Read more »

A Munich Milestone – Continuing 30 Years of Tradition

GH Women's Munich Light Pant V2

It was spring of ’88 when our company (known as HIND Performance at that time) introduced the first-ever “loose fitting tight” to the fitness industry, calling it The Munich Tight.  It was one of its kind, an industry-changer, and it was manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA where we design and manufacture our Munichs today…. Read more »

H20 Polo by GH – since 1966

Our founder, Greg Hind, had a reputation for doing what others could not – and that is especially true in the world of water polo! 1966: Invented & Patented Water Polo Protective Headgear Our innovative and inspirational founder Greg Hind, who was a Gold Medalist in Water Polo in the 1967 Pan American Games and… Read more »

The NEW GH Munich Sport Pant – 50th Anniversary Edition!

As a part of this year’s GH Sports 50th Anniversary Celebration, our design team sought out a thicker, softer fabric that more closely replicates the original fabric from the premier HIND Munich. The result? Our newest version of the GH Munich – the 50th Anniversary Edition for men & women The New Fabric This new… Read more »

Meeting the Demand for the HIND Sport Tights – the First Sport Tight in history.

Celebrating the Sport Tight’s 35th year anniversary this year, we sat down with Ron Supat, a talented engineer who worked for HIND Performance for 10 years and continues to work closely with GH Sports. During his time at HIND, Ron was the Plant Manager and Chief Industrial Engineer. In his story below, he shares his… Read more »

Compy Goggles, and remembering Greg Hind

We regularly get new customers finding us via our original Hind compy goggles (now called the Water Gear Competition / compy goggles). Here is one story from a long-time loyal customer. IX. Of goggles, and remembering Greg Hind an article written by The Siljan Diary (Marathon Swimming in a Swedish Lake) I  discovered Hind goggles in 1981 when  I… Read more »

A Customer’s Story – Rich Mondoux

Rich Mondoux – has run the equivalent of twice around the equator Kitchener, Ontario Canada In 1974, I was 70 lbs overweight and a heavy smoker.  I joined the YMCA and began a running program, which I continue to do today.   When I joined the YMCA it took four months to run my first non-stop… Read more »

S.J. doctor had secret of golf

written by Dan Hruby, Sports Editor, San Jose Mercury News originally published SUN FEB 12 1978 Franklin Mieuli . . . Gave it up Some veteran San Jose golfers were sipping beers in the clubhouse lounge the other day, grousing over how miserably they had played. “I think,” said one player, “maybe Dr. Barrette had… Read more »